Wholesale Marcasite Necklaces Never Go Out of Fashion and These are the Hottest for this Season

A beautiful wholesale marcasite necklace never goes out of fashion. The good news is that this season´s hottest trends include state of the art pieces made of this material. You will come across these magnificent pieces time and again in the streets and runways of the world. Like every season, this time around there are some things to bear in mind to be trendy. Read on and find out how to make that wholesale marcasite necklace shine through every time you go out.

This is How to Wear a Wholesale Marcasite Necklace this Season

This season all accessories are increasing their size considerably. For example, you will find oversized hoops, bracelets and rings in almost every runway in the world. But that is not the only tip we can give you, there are more to follow. Read on and find out how to wear your wholesale marcasite necklace to be the trendiest woman around.

Pick the Right Colors

Marcasite can go in a combination with many colors and many materials. What´s hot this season is silver that has sent gold out of the throne. What goes well with these colors? Well, some hot pieces this season will feature gems like turquoise. With an oversized turquoise gem, you will be making a bold statement; this is the spirit of the season. Make a bold statement with either turquoise, green, red or many others. Remember, stay away from gold and embrace silver for your wholesale marcasite necklace.

Take Care of the Length

Length is very important when it comes to necklaces. In the case you are wearing a dress or an open shirt; you can play with a longer necklace. For those who love mao necks a shorter one will do the trick. Although in this season longer and oversized is a synonym of trendy, it is important to remain classy. There are some pieces that are trendy but should be the choice of teenagers and youngsters. Buy your wholesale marcasite necklace to match your outfits and age and always be comfortable wearing it.

The Right Materials Make the Difference

There is nothing like feeling the softness of a wholesale marcasite necklace and silver on your skin. The right materials are about esthetics but also about how good they feel when you wear them. For example, there are some materials that are crazy heavy; marcasite is not the case. If you wear your wholesale marcasite necklace all night long your neck will feel perfectly fine. Finally, combine marcasite and silver with the right stone and be trendy, colorful and wild this season.

Killer Combos can´t be Beat

A killer combo is the ultimate statement for classy, stylish and trendy. For example, if you go for turquoise on your wholesale marcasite necklace, find the perfect matching earrings for it. Yes, wearing turquoise in every piece is the best way to let your colors shine through. This combination can enhance an all-black night outfit or be perfect for a colorful mid-afternoon one. Just bear in mind that there are many colors that match turquoise and many that don´t.

Go Extravagant, It´s your Right

Oh yes, it is your right to go for the most extravagant wholesale marcasite necklace in the market. Why do we say this? Because this season´s fashion statement is all about intricate and extravagant. If you want to be trendy and remain classy there are some designs that look amazing yet sober. For example you can look amazing on a hand-carved wholesale marcasite necklace that folds around your neck.

Why is Marcasite the Perfect Material this Season?

Marcasite is the perfect material this season because it is malleable and can turn into intricate pieces. Yes, it is possible to turn marcasite into an owl, a lizard or the moon if you like. Your next wholesale marcasite necklace can have any shape you like. This and the timeless appeal are marcasite´s best qualities.

Conclusion, Get a Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

A wholesale marcasite necklace will enhance all your outfits and put you in the center of the scene. Don´t miss out on this season´s trend and wear your style with confidence.